About Kukdukoo

Kukdukoo started as an initiative by two enterprising dads who believe every child deserves an equal opportunity to immerse themselves in a universe of art, literature, and theatre. As young minds are raw and innocent, tapping into and developing their natural creativity is easy. With an idea to spread the love of reading & stories, nurture young art enthusiasts, and indulge young kids in various fun and educational activities, including theatre, mime, clowning, ventriloquism, and more—all on one platform, Kukdukoo came into being in the year 2018. In an era where screentime is ever-increasing among kids, Kukdukoo transports these kids back into the real celebration of childhood through the themes of art, literature, theatre, and more.

Kukdukoo has made a deep connection with kids and parents alike in every city it has traveled, creating long-lasting memories and allowing children to experience the true joy of a meaningful childhood. With 10 grand festivals across the length and breadth of the country, Kukdukoo has become synonymous with the grand and unique celebration of childhood, where children are all smiles the minute they step inside. The happiness doesn’t stop there; it's infectious. We witness kids of all ages, including parents and even grandparents, singing, dancing, and experiencing a nostalgic rush as they revisit their childhood. Today, Kukdukoo is happily the biggest festival for kids in India.

Our Values

Our festival embraces the power of creativity and self-expression, showcasing diverse literary and artistic mediums. We foster an inclusive environment that values different cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds. Collaboration is at the heart of our community, as we encourage artists and participants to come together and create enriching experiences.

Our Vision

We aspire to create a world full of avid readers, talented writers, extraordinary performers, and artists. Meanwhile, creating a space where families can gather and celebrate the precious childhood moments of their little ones and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Team

We are a diverse team of art, culture, and literature enthusiasts, including parents who understand the needs of families. Coming from various fields spanning marketing, education, event management, and entertainment, we thrive to create unforgettable and enriching children's events. Our passion drives us to deliver immersive and enjoyable activities that resonate with families seeking memorable experiences every time.


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